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Sunday, April 18, 2010

INVITATION : Paying the Price

Idle days, stupid thoughts and broken dreams are only three of the many unpleasant experiences you can come across on a life trip.

A trip where the tick-tock of the clock triggers your head and empty pockets at the end of the day remind you that nothing (and nothing really) in life comes for free.

A very wise teacher once said to me: "In this life there's a price for everything, not only financially, but also in suffering and of course in effort".

10 years have passed and I can still remember the exact voice my teacher used in those words, then I've realized she had the truth, and nothing but the truth speaking in her mouth.

Sometimes we do forget about prices but when it comes to pay them, the situation changes. How hard people try to do or to achieve something? How much is someone willing to pay for something ; a car, a house, a new life, a mistake ?, How far will they go to get it?, How many prices and "emotional taxes" have we paid since we were born?...

Oh nooooo, I miss my point, I don't intend to give you a philosophy lesson. I'm not even telling you a moral story about the price rates in life. Just telling you a little about the importance of effort in every day's life and how it affects the way we live. Somehow, the effort is only one genre of the "music" we make in our lives.

The thing I intend to do is an invitation to participate in a new project and for sure, authentic, through great sounds and great music, featuring the faces of a growing sector of fashion that acquires more power every season.
But not only " faces", also something from their minds or their hearts through the music that moves them, makes them happy or that means something to them.

The project also features a section called "The Sessions Lounge" that provides an approach to various artists, singers, musicians and illustrators. Original interviews, sounds, experiences and opinions concerning music, life, fashion and more.

Stories, chronicles and legends also have a space at this project. "The Storyteller" will feature narration. Some of them taken from history books, some from ancient documents and the rest written or reinterpretated by myself and my dear guests.

Maybe some time will pass, the playlists will grow and the results of this project will be who-knows, but yeah, after all, one thing's for sure; I will be able to go back to the start, sit down, close my eyes and play the music back on. That's worth the price.


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