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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MEET ME AT THE CORNER: A story of chemistry and black & white passion, directed by Jay Rodan & Kayt Jones

Text & interview by Ivan Guerrero

"On the corner where we parted..."

"The Corner" represents the third installment from the "Styling Around the World Project" curated by the London based i-D Magazine.
This special project consists in visiting different cities around the world in order to create a special shoot and editorial.
Los Angeles is the third destination and director Jay Rodan and photographer Kayt Jones are in charge to bring us a story of chemistry and emotion between Behati Prinsloo & Jamie Strachan, both models and couple in real life.
The Male Model Music Project talked to Jay & Kayt, who gladly shared their thoughts on creating this new romantic episode.

The complete editorial is available at the latest i-D Magazine's Summer Issue and the short film can be seen at thecorner.com site

What is "The Corner"? What is the story at " The Corner"?
J&K: The story is of a one night stand. Boy meets girl, they spend the night together, and part at the same place the next day.

How did come the idea to take the poem "The Corner" and transport it to a film?
Jay: I wrote the poem after we decided the concept. I wanted something for the actors to say. I considered using something that already existed, like Octavio Paz or something, but just felt it was more accurate to create something true to the story.

How was it like working with Jamie and Behati?
J&K: Pure pleasure. They are such bright and creative people.
How was your overall experience as directors and collaborators as a couple in this project ?
J&K: We have collaborated before. Our first short film - shot on 16mm - went to the Locarno Film Festival, then on to Miami, LA, and elsewhere. We are really lucky in that there really isn't much creative disagreement. It is symbiotic.

In your own words, What is "chemistry" between two people? How do you see the importance of chemistry between the actors aswell as in the work behind the camera both in the photos and of course when doing a film?
J&K: Chemistry is when something disproportionate to the circumstances happens between two people. It's an unpredictable effect that elevates simple actions into epic poetry. Chemistry is really the wrong word though we all use it. Chemistry by definition is based upon being able to reproduce effects, but the chemistry between two people is not reproducible, it is mysterious.

Mention some directors or artists that you admire or inspire you.
J&K: There are many. On "The Corner" we thought of Breton, Truffaut, Louis Malle, Woody Allen. A city is a network of chance and desire.

What role does the music play in "The Corner"? Why did you choose this music?
Jay: The music fits. Satie's music is a victim of its success, it is so beautiful that we stop really listening to it. It is memory made into musical form, the bright edge of something about to disappear forever, full of sadness and wistful longing. Or at least that's how it sounds to me. (The music used in "The Corner" is Erik Satie's - Gymnopédie No.1).

How do you see the future of film and video concerning its relation with fashion as a tool of promotion but aswell as an expression of a personal way to see the the world and reality?
J&K: The world of art and advertising merged decades ago, the technology has merely liberated the financial constraints around producing work. So it is evolving very quickly, becoming micro rather than macro. Video is the oil paint of the 21st century and having a similar effect of uncovering the landscapes of the imagination as ready access to oil paint did in the 15th.

What can we see from Jay & Kayt reflected in this film, not only as individual but also as an "artistic and sentimental couple"?
J&K: When we work together it tends to be about desire. We are fascinated by every aspect of desire, good and bad.

Can we expect more collaborations and films in the future?
J&K: Of course! Check out www.kaytjones.com. and jayrodan.com is on it's way…

What is your message for the young people and talents who are just starting in this business ?
J&K: Get technical, make it personal, and never give up !!

Special thanks to Jay & Kayt, welcome to THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT!!!

Photography: Kayt Jones
Styling: Pippa Vosper
Film " The Corner" directed by Jay Rodan & Kayt Jones
Models: Behati Prinsloo & Jamie Strachan

"I remember the corner"

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