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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Get 'Subconscious' with Samantha James

Text & interview by Ivan Guerrero
Singer & song-writer, Samantha James.

Speaking of origins, there's no doubt everything comes from inside.
Inside what? Inside a heart, inside a mind, inside a soul or inside anything that has the power to create and transform a world.
Being the deepest corners of the mind still a mystery, THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT talked to Samantha James, singer and song-writer based in Los Angeles, California, on the recent release of her album "Subconscious", just after a pause since her debut album "Rise".
Packed with smooth sounds and thoughtful lyrics, "Subconscious" proves that there's nothing more powerful than anything that comes from the core of the heart.

What is "Subconscious"? How the idea of this title for the album came up?
Samantha: Well, the Webster Dictionary states that the Subconscious mind is : "existing in the mind but not immediately available to consciousness ".
To me, the subconscious mind is the mental activity just below the threshold of consciousness.
The title of this album came up for me because I had been going through a lot during the course of writing this record . I almost felt as if it was on a "Subconscious" level that I was even able to access the words/emotions that I did to write the album.
You have evolved as a songwriter and as an artist. How was this evolution since "Rise" back in 2006 to "Subconscious" ?
Samantha: Well, we are all evolving as human beings ... song-writer or not on a daily basis. My songs and song-writing evolved as I started to evolve and experience new things in my life. The evolution since Rise back in 2006 was intense ! I would think that the evolution that you can see would be obviously in my lyrics and these different experiences that I had.

How was your experience working with Sebastian Arocha Morton and new comer Shane Drasin?
Samantha: Working with both of them was quite interesting to say the least .With Sebastian cool, but different being that he was no longer just my producer but now brother- in-law. This obviously changes the dynamic of things . None the less it was great to work with him on a musical level because he's just so talented. I was lucky, I guess you could say that he was able to fit me into his schedule being that he was so busy working on different projects. Working with Shane on the other hand, was also interesting being that he randomly popped into my life just as Sebastian became too busy. It is really amazing how God/the Universe work to always put the right people in your path when you need them. Shane and I hadn't seen each-other since junior high... Hooked up and just started writing really beautiful songs. I was so relieved being that I didn't have my Sebastian.There really is so much talent out there and for a long time I felt as if I wouldn't be able to find that chemistry that I had found with Sebastian , with Anyone else. But I did !

Samantha and producer Sebastian Arocha Morton in the studio working on "Subconscious".

How would you describe the sounds of "Subconscious" in 3 words?

Samantha:Ummmmm , Deep, Emotional, Real.

What about the lyrics in "Subconscious"? What do they talk about? How can your fans and people relate to them?

Samantha: Every song explores a different emotion/feeling . I touch on all different sorts of things....subjects. In terms of emotions that the the songs explore I think it's fair to say that I talk about everything from death, love,relationships,life,challenges,heartache etc.....

My fans and people can relate to my songs because the words are honest and real ... yet at the same time regardless of the experience that I might have been having during the writing process. I always leave my songs open to interpretation.

Do you have any personal songs in this new album?

Samantha: As a matter of fact I do.. All of them are personal...

I have listened to the album and I noticed that in "Tonight", there's someone performing with you. Please tell us about it.

Samantha: Of course .His name is JB Eckl.... Super talented artist/songwriter. It was an honor to work with him.

Some reviews describe your new album as " a balance between electronic and organic"? What do you think of this statement? What is the importance of this balance in your sounds ?
Samantha: I think that this is a very accurate statement . The importance of this balane in my sounds is that as much as I love electronic music. I am a soulful jazzy girl at heart. It's important to me because I think that if you just go straight electronic you loose the foundation on which music was started . We didn't have computers back in the day and not that I don't love what technology has done for us on a musical scale. I just believe hearing a live guitar, rhodes, moog, and even drum sounds are essential.
You would like to travel and explore. What sounds, genres or even emotions are there left to explore?
Samantha: I would like to explore whatever my journey has in store for me next.

"Waves of Change". Our world is going through many changes in many aspects. What do you think of these changes and how are they affecting us and changing us?
Samantha: I think that they only affect us as much as we allow them to . They change us only if we are open to change. Our world that we live in today is simply just the evolution of certain peoples levels of consciousness. We all have the power to choose.
What is you message and advice to young artists and performers?
Samantha: Never stop. The music business and the world that we live in today is a very different place, in comparison to when the music business started.

Try to be strong but yet vulnerable at the same time... I say this because as things are changing so rapidly. You have to be able to change as well.
I say, be tough/strong because this musical game can eat you alive if you allow it to... There are vultures out there ready to take advantage of you at the drop of a dime . So be mindful of that at all times. DO NOT TRUST EVERYONE ! I say be vulnerable because we are artists and without humility and vulnerability we are not allowing ourselves to be as creative as were supposed to be. Stand up for what you believe in ! Stay true to yourself, even if you feel you are not giving someone what they want. Because in the end this is your book and nobody else can write it for you.

"Subconscious" is out NOW!!
Check out Samantha's label official website OM Records for purchasing the new album autographed by Samantha. You can also listen to the tracks. Hurry and order it soon, LIMITED EDITION only!! HERE.

"Waves of Change", the first single was remixed by Kaskade.

LATEST RELEASE. From sophomore album"Subconscious" including remixes by Eric Kupper (Hed Kandi), Nacho Marco and Them Jeans. Check it out HERE.

Special thanks to Samantha and OM Records for this interview. Welcome to THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT!!!!

"There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in"
Samantha James new album "Subconscious" is now in the collection of the Sound Selector!!

Check out the behind-the-scenes feature in the studio with Samantha James on her new album "Subconscious"
Check out the following links for ordering "Subconscious":
-amazon.fr (France)
-amazon.de (Germany)
-amazon.co.jp (Japan)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seduced by Noesis

Text & interview by Ivan Guerrero
Blue Six's new album "Noesis". Photo by Walter Briski Jr.

No limits for desire. Strong force that leads us to an object. An object of desire.
Physical, mental or spiritual, this power shows up when you less expect it and compels us to decide: Resist or give in?
THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT interviewed New York City based producer Jay Denes, aka Blue Six, on the release of his most recent studio album "Noesis".
"Noesis" is the third release of Jay as Blue Six, soulful, deep house and electronic music project featuring vocalists such as Tabitha Fair, Aya and Catherine Russell.
Absolutely, sounds that reminds us that when it comes to desire, there are no limits, only surrenders.

According to Plato, "Noesis" refers to the world of ideas, but well there are also other philosophical references that talk about "perception", "imagination" and of course" intuition" and "penetration".
How did you come up with the idea to name the new album like this?
Jay: I'm very interested in perception, the nature of reality - and what it means to "know" something. Language, musical or otherwise is something I think about a lot.
Producer Jay Denes aka Blue Six portraited by Walter Briski Jr.

What collaborations can we find in "Noesis"? How was your experience working with them for this particular album?
Jay: I'm working mostly with some of my favourite long time musical friends. At this point I only work with people I enjoy creating with, life's too short.
"Noesis" album art. Photo by Walter Briski Jr.

You invite people to FEEL this album. Do you think the human race in general has become less sensible ( in a certain way) to music, new ideas, even to other people? What do you think of this situation?
Jay: Yes, I do think that the abundance of everything has devalued everything. I think the culture's in a pretty bad/numb state, it's a bummer, but cultures wax and wane. Everything has an upside and a downside, in this case the upside is that everyone has means to be published, distributed - of course that's the downside too.
Naked Music Re-Creation, produced by Jay Denes. "A blissful journey of funky guitars, soothing vocals and possesive rhythms..." DREmb

Some people can identify with this certain feeling of aloneness coming from the fact that you're independent and far from the music mainstream. Do you think a certain isolation is necessary when creating an album?
Jay: I don't know that it's necessary to be isolated, but it's my personality. I've never felt like I was part of the popular culture, and I tend to relate more to stuff which is not part of the mass-consumer mall culture. I am who I am, I try to be honest.
Naked Music feat. Catherine Russell "Hurry". Photo by Walter Briski Jr.

"Naked Music" has a relation with desire, certain sensuality but can we also speak of a " nudity of a soul", a "naked spirit", a "naked thought"?
Jay: There is a strong element of sensuality associated with the label. I guess a big part of what I like about music is the visceral effect it can have.
I try to create music that operates on many levels at once, sensual, spiritual, mental - I think integrating these three can make something more powerful than the sum of it's parts.
For second ocassion, Walter Briski Jr. is in charge of the photo of the album. Tell us about this amazing collaboration.
Jay: Walter's a friend, and long time supporter of my work. We like a lot of the same stuff, his work fit the last two CD's so it made sense to use it.
The Naked Girl, distinctive figure from Jay Dene's label Naked Music.

Are there any future projects? What's in store for Blue Six and Naked Music? Any appearances, new album plan,etc?
Jay: I'm working on Aya's record next, and starting more Blue Six tracks too. I'm just a studio dweller these days, and these records will probably be all that's left of me one day so I'm just trying to do better with each succeeding one.

What's your advice for young artists and talent, specially for those who are creating music?
Jay: It takes time to learn, understand and use language. There are no short cuts, if your interest is making something of value you'll have to spend the hours doing it - if your goal is merely fame or outward success then no advice is necessary.

Jay, thank you very much for this interview. Welcome to the project!!!
Blue Six's "Noesis" is now seducing the collection of the Sound Selector.

Check out Naked Music's official site for further information on "Noesis", other artists and releases.

"Noesis" can be purchased in the following links:
-amazon.com (USA)
-amazon.fr (France)
-amazon.de (Germany)
-amazon.co.jp (Japan)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Check out the new "Pattern Clash" editorial featuring model Zander Hodgson photographed by Jeff Hahn for IDOL Magazine.
Zander's full interview and sound selection for THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT can be found HERE.
The full editorial can be seen HERE.
Jeff Hahn's official photography site is HERE.

Photography: Jeff Hahn
Stylist: Tanya Gohil
Make-up: Xabier Celaya
Assistant: Megan Collins
Model: Zander H @ Premier Model Management