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Monday, October 4, 2010

Time to gamble!! Sound Selection by Nicholas Madrid

Text & interview by Ivan Guerrero
Volume 4
Suddenly, all signs of life went away. I walk alone and with no destination or clarity in my mind I crave for a drop of water. I'm lost in the desert and still hoping I can find a well deserved oasis of sounds to refresh my mind.
Fade out... fade in. Where am I now? A huge cowboy of lights woke me up in the middle of the street and told me I was about to start a game. What game is it? "It's Las Vegas, man, you gotta play somehow" he replied pointing the door of this huge building of magic splendour, inviting me to join in.
Yes, why not? I guess there's always a time to play. What's in jeopardy? A dollar, two, a million? or maybe a destiny? A life? A glass of water? The big question is; will I win?

From Las Vegas, Nevada, THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT brings you model Nicholas Madrid, who gladly made an exclusive sound selection but also shared his impressions on modelling, life, music and more.
Life is a casino... Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!!


How it's been the modelling experience?
Nicholas: So far I've had a great time, Its been loads of fun and I've met so many interesting, funny and great people. Its something I have a passion for.
Photo by Sean Patrick Watters.

How was your experience working with Terry Richardson?
Nicholas: Working with Terry was really cool considering it was my first shoot ever. He was very energetic and actually let me be myself. Once I told him that I kick box he started growling and told me to put my dukes up and start punching, kicking and shadow boxing. It was so cool and it showed me that its not all work work work, people in this industry really know how to have fun.
Photo by Terry Richardson.
Luke Briggs, Michael Wozniak, Ford Smith and Nicholas Madrid photographed by Terry Richardson for VMAN.

Any photographer , designer or person you would like to work with in particular?
Nicholas: Steven Klein and Mario Testino are on my list to work with so far, I've heard good things about them and I think they would be cool to work with. Dolce & Gabbana as well as Calvin Klein are what I would like to shoot very soon.
Photo by Richard Pier Petit.
Are you interested in acting?
Nicholas: Acting is something I've always wanted to do. Im always doing improv in real life for my friends, getting them out of troubled situations, pretending to be some other character in order to get into parties, its actually quite funny now that I talk about it. I think It comes naturally. My real dream is to be in action movies because of the fact that I admire the Die Hard series as well as The 007 movies (new and old) going back too Brave Heart and and even the new films like Transformers. It would be a dream come true to get into Hollywood and be the next leading role in an up coming action film like 007 or Bad Boys III.
Photo by Sean Patrick Watters.

Do you have plans, projects or appearances in the near future concerning modelling or other activities?
Nicholas: There are a few things that are lined up for me in the future, however I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to talk about such things, but you will be seeing very soon. I am heading to New York to start working and get some campaigns, shoots and other things lined up. I am planning on joining an acting company and getting classes set up while I'm there so I can hopefully venture into that ally and like most people, I must pick up a part time job, which isn't entirely bad.
Photo by Richard Pier Petit.

What music do you like? Mention bands and artists that you like or inspire you.
Nicholas: My favorite kind of music is American Country music. I am a huge fan of George Strait, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw etc. However I listen to many other genre's depending on my mood. Jack Johnson is a huge inspiration as well as older music like The Beach Boys, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. I always have plenty of Hip Hop/ Rap around when I'm hanging out or going out to party. Recently my friends have been introducing me to Electro like David Guetta and Tiesto which I'm starting to add to my collection.
What's you message or advice for the people, specially young people and guys who would like to become models?
Nicholas: For guys out there that want to be a model, I'd say take care of yourself but don't be too overly obsessive. Don't forget too have fun and enjoy yourself. Know when to take a break and know when to say no. If it's supposed to happen all the pieces will fall into place, but if its too much controversy in in your life than let it go and find a new goal. All things will come naturally.
Nicholas Madrid is with FORD. ( Client log-in necessary)
Special thanks to Nick himself. Welcome to the project!!!

Photos by Richard Pier Petit.

What's in your sound selection for the project?
Nicholas: My selection features almost every genre. The American Country songs remind of home and my family, they make me feel comfortable and make me think of my Country roots. These songs lift me up when I'm down and get me through whatever I'm going through at the time. Jack Johnson, The Script, and Sugar Ray bring eclectic memories back to me. Memories of friends, girlfriends, leaving home, my new life, my new career, growing up etc. Being from Las Vegas I love to listen to club hits like hip hop and electro when its time to party or hang out with my friends and have a crazy night, and I love to dance. My Blink 182 songs and punk rock music are flowing through my ears when I work out or I'm kick boxing, trying to get pumped up or in a pissed off mood. I like several genres and I believe music heals pain. It's a very large part of my life and who I am.
Photo by Richard Pier Petit.

The Sound Selection by Nicholas Madrid for THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT

1. Kenny Chesney-No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
2. Tim McGraw-Ghost Town Train
3. Brad Paisley-Mud on The Tires
4. Rascal Flatts-Unstoppable
5. Lady Antebelum-One Day You Will
6. Flipsyde-Angel
7. Ginuwine-Pony
8. 2 Pac- California Love
9. Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman-Money to Blow
10. David Guetta-The World is Mine
11. 50 Cent-Outta Control
12. Drake ft. Lil Wayne-Uptown
13. Fort Minor-Feel Like home
14. Usher-Yeah
15. 50 Cent ft. The Game- Hate it Or Live It
16. Sugar Ray-Under The Sun
17. Jack Johnson-Better Together
18. Jack Johnson-Go On
19. Jack Johnson- Fortunate Fool
20. 2 pac- Thugz Mansion
21. One Republic- All The Right moves
22. Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind
23. Bob Marley & The Wailers- Three little Birds
24. The Script- The Man Who Can't Be Moved
25. The Beach Boys- Surfin' USA
26. Louis Armstrong- La Vie en Rose
27. ATB- Ecstacy
28. Black Eyed Peas- Gone Going( Feat. Jack Johnson)
29. Usher (Ft. Pitbull)- Dj's Got us Falling In Love
30. Steve Ray Vaughan- Pride and Joy
31. The Used- Poetic Tragedy
32. Cartel-The Perfect Mistake
33. Blink 182- Stay Together For the Kids

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