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Friday, March 11, 2011


Words & interview by Ivan Guerrero
Photos by Matthew Payne


"Embrace me from the core of your heart to the depth of my bones".

Strange little creature that wanders around this corner of the woods. Beautiful bone structure and your face, featuring a pearly white powerful smile.

From this perspective, the world seems a peaceful and amazing place to explore, just a few moments before your eyes start to darken, your laugh to cease, your snow to melt, your light to fade.

An unexpected transition. What happened to you little creature? What has changed your golden vision of the world?

I guess I won't find out so easily , since by own experience, life has taken me through a darker path than yours. Yes, dark, dark, dark, way darker than the mesmerizing reason that has led you to hug your weaknesses and emphasize your defects.

No, little creature, don't go that way, let me invite you to stay in this forest, forget our perspectives, throw away all opinions, delete explanations, and for the rest of the day, let me admire your stillness and embrace you with my soul. My mortal and sinful soul...

The Male Model Music Project interviewed Matthew Payne, 17 year old, self taught photographer from London.

With a special interest in people and portraits, Matthew shared his thoughts on his latest work for editorials such as Coitus and TURN Magazine, his experiences in photography, upcoming projects and also, made a selection of his current favourite music tracks, joining the tradition of this project.

How and when your interest in photography was born?

Matthew: My mother's photography was a big part of my beginning. Early 2009 she brought a Canon EOS 450D which I would always be stealing to photograph friends with. It took me 2 months before I decided to get my own camera (Canon EOS 1000D) and since then I have just been building up a portfolio.

Forest Fire.

I have seen your photos from Kenya. Tell us about it.

Matthew: Kenya was such an amazing experience. I was away for 2 weeks shooting in villages and schools. The community, the people and the spirit of life was really inspiring and it's opened my eyes to another side of the country I knew nothing about. I now know that the phrase "Money doesn't buy you happiness" is true, they have nothing but are genuinely the most happiest people I've seen in a while!

Kenya, 2010.

How it's been the experience shooting models?

Matthew: I started off using friends as models and it was just a thing I would do for fun ... and it still is, however I think I take it more seriously now I'm working with agency models.

James Flude at AMCK Models.

Are you interested in fashion photography? How far would you like to go in this industry?

Matthew: I'm interested in fashion but usually have neutral clothing in my shoots (nothing too drastic) but for my new work I want to involve fashion with creativity, so drastic is the way forward.

I would like to see myself in years to come, still photographing and being somewhere in the industry, it does take time but I will never give up on it, it's somethink I love doing!

James Flude.

Any artists or photographers that inspire you?

Matthew: Steven Klein and David LaChapelle have always been big inspirations to me, however I have no work reflecting that inspiration.

My new work which I will be starting this month is much more creative and sexual so I'm hoping it's the right way forward. I will never lose the style I currently have because that is me - it has got me where I am today so it's not getting thrown out the window by all means.

James Flude.

Tell us about your work in magazines and latest features.
Matthew: My first magazine feature was with TURN Magazine, I had two editorials (8 page spread) in the first issues and a 6 page in the second, they've been very supportive with my work so I owe a big thank you to them. My most recent is with Coitus Magazine, they featured my shoot with George Tarrant at Nevs Models on their blog, so thank you Pantelis.

Lauren Dyson at Robbins Entertainment. Hair & Makeup by Lauren Evans. Assistant: Bethany Evans.

If the chance comes , Who would you like to work with?

Matthew: Steven Klein #1 no doubt!

His work is so creative and all his shoots have a story behind them but he also does simple fashion shots which I like.

Any models out there you would like to shoot?

Matthew: I dont really follow models as much, I have been recently but I'm the type of person that thinks once a model has been photographed a lot they become boring. New faces and new talent is what I like looking for, Andy Houghton is an up & coming photographer that still uses models from networking sites such as ModelMayhem, it shows that work can be equally as good with unsigned models.

Hannah Goodison for TURN Magazine.

Any magazines you would like to be featured in?
Matthew: Many, but of course I need much more years of experience to even get a close shot with them.

You like portraits. What qualities do you think are reflected in them?
Matthew: I love portraits and no matter how much I try to do full body shots, they will always end up as headshots; everyone's face is different and unique which I love.

Since 2011 I've been working on emotions and I feel like I've shown that from my three most recent shoots (Models - Tuesday, George & James).

George Tarrant at Nevs Models for Coitus Magazine. Makeup by Elizabeth Walsh.
What about your plans and future projects?
Matthew: I'm currently on a break from photography until I get a new camera, but I plan to come back with new styled work; much more creative and interesting; images that tell a story and make people think.

I've been keeping myself occupied by brainstorming ideas, looking for inspiration and making headpieces ... I'm looking forward to getting back out there and shooting again!

Any country or place you would like to visit and shoot?

Matthew: New York City!

Jay Cullen at Oxygen Models. Hair & makeup by Rachel Murphy.

What's your message for the readers, young artists and guys who are interested in photography?

Matthew:"With practice comes perfection".

It doesn't come easy but you just need to stick with it, if you have a true eye for it you will make the effort!


Special thanks to Matthew for this interview. The Male Model Music Project will keep you posted on his new work!!
For more info on Matthew visit the following links:
Website, HERE.
Tumblr, HERE.
Deviantart, HERE.
Tuesday Towler at Confidence Models. Hair & Makeup by Elizabeth Walsh.

Matthew's current favourite tracks:

Jessie J - Who you are

Lady GaGa- Born This Way

Nicki Minaj Feat. Natasha Bedingfield - Last Chance

Katy Perry - Mannequin (acoustic)

CocoRosie - Werewolf

DJ Fresh - Gold Dust

Newton Faulkner - Dream Catch Me

Lightspeed Champions - I wish I was a camel

Jessie J - Pricetag

Lady GaGa - Dance in the Dark

Shannon Maybury for TURN Magazine.
Thomas Salcedo.
James Flude at AMCK Models.
Matthew Payne, Self-portrait.

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