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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trentemøller answers THE MALE MODEL MUSIC PROJECT's question

A few weeks ago The Male Model Music Project submitted a question for Trentemøller on his upcoming compilation for the Late Night Tales series to be released on May 30.
The question was:
"Tell us about your cover version for Chris Isaak's 'Blue Hotel'. How did you come up with this specific track to cover for the Late Night Tales Series?"

Now, the exclusive interview with Trentemøller is out on Late Night Tales official blog and the original question has been reformulated and adapted as follows:

What made you choose the cover track you did for Late Night Tales and were there any other options you were thinking of going for?
Blue Hotel by Chris Isaak has always been a favorite of mine. And I thought it could be interesting to take the song in another direction. Also because the original is so unique and great I thought it really had to be a different vibe and sound wise.
Yeah, I also thought about
Spirit Ditch by Sparkle Horse.

Check out the full interview, HERE.
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