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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sound recommendation: Dr Don-Don / 'King of the Stars'

A new track choice for The Male Model Music Project's dance lessons!!!
Dr Don-Don's 'King of the Stars'.

From Australia, hip hop producer Chasm presents his new project Dr Don-Don.
Acclaimed for his previous production work, featuring collaborations and remixes for various artists from the Australian hip hop scene, Dr Don-Don shared a word with The Male Model Music Project on his latest single 'King of the Stars'.

Hip Hop producer Chasm is Dr Don Don.

'King of the Stars' takes house music back to its soulful roots with his sample of the classic Motown record "I’ll Try Something New” by Diana Ross and The Supremes featuring The Temptations...
Tell us more about your music influences and how did you come up with the choice of these specific tracks and your work sampling them for 'King of the Stars'.
Dr. Don-Don: I have been producing a lot of hip hop in the past five years so I think that definitely has an influence on the way I approach the work I do as Dr Don-Don.
I put together dance tracks in a similar way to making hip hop beats. I love to chop up samples and flip them round, then layer drums and synth parts on top. The samples are the basis. Those old 60's and 70's disco, funk and soul records are what really inspires me. The raw energy and feel to the music back then is what moves me to wanna make something contemporary with that vibe behind it.
With 'King of the Stars' I had the initial groove down and was just looking for a vocal that would complement the overall feel of the track.
At first the Diana Ross lyrics caught my attention and then when I chopped up the vocal and started playing around with it, it just seemed to fit in perfectly.

The 'King of the Stars' video features elements of the urban subculture that have come to personify Dr Don-Don...
Tell us about the importance of these elements that define the sounds of Dr Don-Don.
Dr. Don Don: To be honest the skateboarding was an idea put to us by the production team behind the video.
Having been a skater through my teenage years it appealed to me straight away, as did the alien theme running through the clip.
I guess I felt like it brought an extra entertaining visual element to song and the video too.
Really for me at the end of the day it's just about the music, I'm not too bothered about being identified with any particular sub culture, I just want to make good quality tracks that people can go out and party to.

Special thanks to Radikal Records, HERE.
Dr Don-Don's official site is HERE.
Purchase 'King of the Stars', HERE or HERE.

Some remixes from 'King of the Stars'

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to Rio !!! The Male Model Music Project welcomes Gabriel Arievilo

Words & interview by Ivan Guerrero.

Volume 7

Hand drawn illustration by Ivan Guerrero.

The Male Model Music Project is always happy to support new talent and upcoming faces. For this new volume, I am glad to bring you Gabriel Arievilo, 19-year old new face from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Since Gabriel was very enthusiastic about being a part of this project, he talked about his expectations, modelling, fitness and shared a selection of his favourite sounds for this brand new volume of The Male Model Music Series!!
By request, the original interview with Gabriel in portuguese is also featured, specially for our friends from Brazil!!
The portraits of Gabriel were shot by Diego Dias, otherwise noticed.
Special thanks to both of them. Follow Gabriel on twitter, HERE.

Tell us about your current activities.

Gabriel: Besides my architecture studies, I love going out, partying, the movies and going to the beach. I love to travel and see new places, shooting .... Living life to the the maximum is a good hobby!

Quais são suas atividades atuais?

Gabriel:Fora minha faculdade de Arquitetura, adoro sair, ir a festas, pegar um cinema e a praia praticamente a minha casa.. Viajar, conhecer lugares novos, tirar fotos.. Viver o máximo é um bom passatempo!

Tell us about your modelling experience.

Gabriel: I do not have much experience yet as a model, I am taking short steps and trying not to fool myself with unrealistic expectations. However, as soon as I am able to do it I will be modelling of course. I enjoy being around beautiful people and making new friends with the same goal.

Conte-nos sobre a sua experiência de modelagem.

Gabriel: Não tenho muita experiência ainda como um modelo, estou dando passos curtos e tentando não me iludir muito com propostas surreais, porem, enquanto eu puder modelar estarei modelando, muito bom estar entre pessoas bonitas e fazendo novos amigos com um mesmo objetivo.

What brands would you like to model for?

Gabriel: Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Lacoste...

Onde você gostaria de entrar em modelagem?

Gabriel:Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Lacoste...

How do you stay in shape?

Gabriel: Wow, it's not an easy thing ... Besides a few hours in the gym every day, a couple years ago I decided to go on a healthy diet 'programme', all the good and healthy. I gave up chocolate Bye, bye, soda.

I've never been a picky guy when it comes to food. I eat everything and big amounts, well, there are some some exceptions.

I usually work out in the morning ... I arrive at my apartment at lunchtime.

Since I live alone and I don't have the patience to cook ellaborated meals, I eat noodles and lots of salad.

Como você faz para manter a forma?

Gabriel: Nossa, não é fácil não.. Além de algumas horas na academia todos os dias, de uns anos pra cá resolvi ter uma dieta saudável, tudo que é bom deixei de lado.. Tchau chocolate, tchau refrigerante.

Nunca fui um garoto chato pra comer, como de tudo e bastante, mas, com algumas exceções.

Geralmente malho de manhã... chego em meu apartamente na hora do almoço...e moro sozinho sem paciência de fazer alguma coisa pra comer faço macarrão e muita salada.

What music do you like?

Gabriel: Something that made a great soundtrack in good old times: An old Brazilian band called 'Legião Urbana', the song is 'Pais E Filhos'.

Conte-nos sobre a música que você gosta.

Gabriel: Uma música que fez uma ótima trilha sonora em muitos momentos bons é de uma banda antiga Brasileira se chama 'Legião Urbana' a musica é 'Pais E Filhos'.

Tell us about your plans for the future.
Gabriel: Plans for the future? As nothing lasts forever, specially youth and beauty, I try to enjoy them as much as I can ...
I am currently studying and would like to take some courses related to the area that I love.
Well, maybe some good oportunity will come so I could change my thoughts about the future.

Conte-nos sobre seus planos para pro futuro.
Gabriel: Planos pro futuro?? Como nada é para sempre, principalmente a beleza e a juventude, lucro com elas enquanto eu as tenho.. To fazendo minha faculdade e vou pegar alguns cursos relacionados a essa área que gosto bastante.
Bom, mas quem sabe não me aparece uma boa proposta e não mudo um pouco meu pensamento sobre o futuro.

What's your message or advice?
Gabriel: I've always been a bit religious, I've always put God in front of me. Everything I asked him, he gave it to me. Many people call it luck .. I call it faith. You can go wherever you want, with God leading you and a of course, a little faith!

Qual seu conselho ou mensagem ?
Gabriel: Sempre fui um pouco religioso, sempre coloquei Deus a minha frente, e tudo que pedi a Ele, Ele me deu, muitos chamam isso de sorte.. eu chamo de Fé. Você vai onde quiser, com Deus te guiando e um pouquinho de Fé!

Gabriel Arievilo's Selection for The Male Model Music Project

1. The Beatles - Yesterday
2. Monobloco - Taj Mahal . Filho Maravilha
3. 30 Seconds To Mars - Kings And Queens
4. Jack Johnson - BubbleToes
5. Gigi D' Agostino - Bla Bla Bla
6. The Fray - Over my Head
7. Shinedown - Simple Man
8. Hillsong United - From The Inside Out
9. Engenheiros do Hawaii - Infinita Highway
10.Edward Maya - Stereo Love
11.Blink 182 - I Miss You
12.Extreme - More Than Words
13.Guru Josh Project - Infinity

Gabriel Arievilo's Selection for The Male Model Music Project

From Rio de Janeiro, Gabriel Arievilo's personal music selection for The Male Model Music Project!! Special thanks to him for sharing. Welcome to the project!!

Gabriel's album recommendation for The Male Model Music Project is

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Male Model Music Project & The Vibram Guys

The Vibram Tester Team greets and poses for The Male Model Music Project during an exhausting shoot at Pitti Uomo 80.

More from Pitti Uomo 80 in Florence, Italy.
During the visit to the fair, The Male Model Music Project caught the Vibram Tester Team in full motion!!! They were in the middle of a promotional shoot, performing some acrobatics and backflips.
Vibram Five Fingers is a brand name for specially designed footwear created to fit each toe in your feet to a single pocket in a comfortable way. Specially made for athletic and fitness purposes.
Vibram Five Fingers was also an exhibitor at Pitti Uomo 80.
For further information on their footwear and products, their official site is HERE.

The guys during the shoot.

Vibram Five Finger's footwear stand at Pitti Uomo 80.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bounce Back to Dance Lessons!!! 'Swagger' by BOMBS AWAY

The Male Model Music Project is back to dance lessons and shares with you its track choice for the first routine!!! 'Swagger' by Bombs Away.
Bombs Away is Thomas Hart and Sketchism, both producers from Perth, Australia, who took Beatport and ARIA (Australian chart)by storm in 2010.
A bouncing mix of Electro, Hip Hop and infectious beats,Bombs Away offers a combination of elements from the musical backgrounds of the duo in question.
Thomas Hart, B Boy from the age of 13, dominated many beatboxing & MC championship, while Sketch decided to become a DJ (after playing the guitar awfully in rock/punk bands) leading him to win Best Electro DJ in the PD Music Awards.
With 4 Decks and a microphone, the keywords are funky, tech, loops, dubstep, dirty house, club, dropping lyrics and moooree. Yes, Bombs Away's purpose is too keep us sweating and attached to the dance floor all night until 9 am!!
For further information on latest news, releases and tour dates, visit Bombs Away's official site HERE.

Some remixes from 'Swagger'

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lunch at L'Incontro

Risotto con fili di zafferano, gamberi e pistacchi.
Saffron risotto with shrimp and pistachios.

The Male Model Music Project's quick lunch at L'Incontro Restaurant from Hotel Savoy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Male Model Music Project visits Pitti Uomo 80 The Fair

Words & photos by Ivan Guerrero
The Male Model Music Project attended the 80th issue of Pitti Immagine Uomo Spring-Summer 2012 in Florence, Italy.
With a previous record of 31,000 visitors, 19,200 buyers and 1000 exhibitors/ international brands, several special events and many more , Pitti Uomo confirms itself not only as a major platform ,but also as one of the most relevant dates when it comes to men's fashion.
Featuring designers and several brand names ( both known and emergent) from all over the world, every season, the fair brings together buyers, designers, stylists and many professionals in the industry ,giving shape to the Pitti Uomo experience.

The 80th issue of Pitti Uomo took place once more in La Fortezza da Basso( aka Fortress of San Giovanni Battista) a major structure originally built back in the 16th century.

Enjoying 4 days of intense activities, endless collections and special events, The Male Model Music Project is glad to share with you a glimpse of this amazing fair that definitely reminds you that This is the place where fashion never stops.

At the entrance of the fair.

Pitti Uomo's theme for this edition was TRAVEL; a magical voyage through the collections, men's lifestyle, trends and colours, providing an amazing panorama of the men of the new decade. All shapes, forms, contexts, minds, textures and different cultural backgrounds collide in Pitti Uomo 80, creating an explosion of taste, unique concepts, new languages and limitless innovation.

The Male Model Music Project walks around Pitti Uomo 80, goes up and down, back and forward, checking out the collections from all the exhibitors and brand names featured in the 13 sections of the fair. Unfortunately, many exhibitors would NOT allow photos under any circumstance.

The girl promoting Bench and its contest for the Melt! Music Festival in Germany, poses for The Male Model Music Project.

The Desigual girls prepare some fruit in order to offer a healthy snack to the visitors of Pitti Uomo 80.

From Paris: Louis Leeman shoes.

From Japan: A WORKROOM by Ryoji Okada.

Cool shorts with feathers!!!!!

Music is also a very important element at Pitti Uomo.

A random fashionista checks out the collection at C.P. Company's showroom.

More from The Male Model Music Project's visit to Pitti Uomo 80, coming up!!!!!