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Monday, July 25, 2011

Sound recommendation: Dr Don-Don / 'King of the Stars'

A new track choice for The Male Model Music Project's dance lessons!!!
Dr Don-Don's 'King of the Stars'.

From Australia, hip hop producer Chasm presents his new project Dr Don-Don.
Acclaimed for his previous production work, featuring collaborations and remixes for various artists from the Australian hip hop scene, Dr Don-Don shared a word with The Male Model Music Project on his latest single 'King of the Stars'.

Hip Hop producer Chasm is Dr Don Don.

'King of the Stars' takes house music back to its soulful roots with his sample of the classic Motown record "I’ll Try Something New” by Diana Ross and The Supremes featuring The Temptations...
Tell us more about your music influences and how did you come up with the choice of these specific tracks and your work sampling them for 'King of the Stars'.
Dr. Don-Don: I have been producing a lot of hip hop in the past five years so I think that definitely has an influence on the way I approach the work I do as Dr Don-Don.
I put together dance tracks in a similar way to making hip hop beats. I love to chop up samples and flip them round, then layer drums and synth parts on top. The samples are the basis. Those old 60's and 70's disco, funk and soul records are what really inspires me. The raw energy and feel to the music back then is what moves me to wanna make something contemporary with that vibe behind it.
With 'King of the Stars' I had the initial groove down and was just looking for a vocal that would complement the overall feel of the track.
At first the Diana Ross lyrics caught my attention and then when I chopped up the vocal and started playing around with it, it just seemed to fit in perfectly.

The 'King of the Stars' video features elements of the urban subculture that have come to personify Dr Don-Don...
Tell us about the importance of these elements that define the sounds of Dr Don-Don.
Dr. Don Don: To be honest the skateboarding was an idea put to us by the production team behind the video.
Having been a skater through my teenage years it appealed to me straight away, as did the alien theme running through the clip.
I guess I felt like it brought an extra entertaining visual element to song and the video too.
Really for me at the end of the day it's just about the music, I'm not too bothered about being identified with any particular sub culture, I just want to make good quality tracks that people can go out and party to.

Special thanks to Radikal Records, HERE.
Dr Don-Don's official site is HERE.
Purchase 'King of the Stars', HERE or HERE.

Some remixes from 'King of the Stars'

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