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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner at 'Alle Murate'

After Rodarte's exhibition, The Male Model Music Project walked to its next appointment at 'Alle Murate' Restaurant in Via del Proconsolo, 16/r.
'Alle Murate' offers a menu inspired by the authentical Italian traditions and flavours, specially from 'Basilicata' (located in Lucania, a region covered with mountains, influenced by Greek, Arabic and Spanish culture and traditions). A mix between balance and simplicity, from the hand of Giovanna Iorio, the artist behind the cuisine of 'Alle Murate'.

'Alle Murate' is located in the Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries, an amazing museum featuring frescoes and archeological remains from the Roman times to the Renaissance.
One of the particularities of this building is that we can find the portaits of the greatest italian poets such as Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio.
An amazing evening, exquisite dinner, and the service was splendid. No doubt, The Male Model Music Project highly recommends the historical and culinary experience from 'Alle Murate'.
Special thanks to the staff of 'Alle Murate', everything was fantastic!
'Alle Murate' welcomes The Male Model Music Project with a glass of sparkling wine.

A view from the restaurant.

Before dinner, a nice courtesy from the chef: Cucumber mousse.

First Course: Spaghetti 'Benedetto Cavalieri' with mussels and Greek yogurt.

Main Course: Sea-bass roulade filled with bread, raisins and pine seeds.

A happy ending: Chocolate Cake with melon. Glorious!!

GREAT SERVICE!! The friendly and amazing staff from 'Alle Murate' pose for The Male Model Music Project in a poorly achieved picture due to the extreme lack of light conditions. The use of flash is not allowed in some sections of the restaurant since it damages the frescoes on the walls, originally painted in the 14th century.

A view from the stairs.

The distinguished customers of 'Alle Murate' enjoy their dinner at the first floor of the restaurant where we can find the frescoes painted on the walls and the ceiling. A member of the staff, pours the wine with discretion. No flash allowed in this section!!
Amazing experience in 'Alle Murate'.

After dinner, the staff insisted and invited The Male Model Music Project to go downstairs and visit the cellar of 'Alle Murate', a special dining room available for special events, featuring a selection of the finest wines from Italy and France.

In the cellar, we can find evidence from Roman civilization. Here, the remains of a former device used to dye fabric and textiles in the ancient times.

A press photo, so you can have an idea of the look of the frescoes in daylight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sounds of Creation; The Male Model Music Project's evening with RODARTE

Words & story by Ivan Guerrero
Rodarte in Florence: Annunciation of talent.

The Male Model Music Project was invited to Rodarte's exhibition in Bartolini, a former store located in the very heart of Florence, behind the Duomo.
Rodarte is a brand created by California-born sisters Kate & Laura Mulleavy, who were guest designers at Pitti Uomo 80 & Pitti W 8.
Despite their short time in the industry, the Mulleavy sisters have been acclaimed for their beautiful and distinctive designs that led them to participate in various relevant projects, including the creation of the wardrobe for Darren Aronofsky's multi-awarded film, 'Black Swan' starring Natalie Portman, just to mention one of their latest achievements.
The exhibition featured a collection of 10 gowns presented in a unique installation specially designed for this amazing project that combined art, fashion, cinematography and a huge dose of celestial inspiration.
North American actress Kirsten Dunst also attended the exhibition and showed their support to the Mulleavy sisters, not only for their very first show in Italy, but also for the launch of their brand new and first publication entitled 'Rodarte: Photographs by Catherine Opie and Alec Soth'. (to be available at the end of August)
Order it HERE.
The collection of gowns was donated to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

The images for this feature were shot by Autumn de Wilde, renowned photographer who was the official authorized to take pictures of the exhibition.
Check out Rodarte's creations presented at the exhibition, the rest of the details of the evening and the inspiration of this project.
Special thanks to Kate Mulleavy from Rodarte and the staff of Pitti Uomo.

The invitation.
Laura & Kate Mulleavy posed in front of one of their creations at the special show for Pitti.

A crown of light, a halo of victory. The exhibition featured a very special cell-like installation and distribution of the creations in the obscure rooms of the location. Neon lights, tubes, mysterious illumination, all in order to offer a surreal and fantastic experience.

Pure and immaculate perfection. This creation featured heavenly white feathers and Swarowski. Standing in front of a smashed mirror, it reminds us the vulnerability of the spirit.Pure and corrupted. Shattered, but still shining like a star.
Mint & Aquamarine illusion. From the green oceans of your imagination, an impressive mix of pistacchio and the voice of a mermaid.

A star that shines, a sun that leads us to the victory. Fantastic shades of melon and golden details featured in this creation of Rodarte.

At the patio. The passage leads us to more creations.

A trio of lapislazuli elegance, festivity and honour. Suspended by light cords, the creations float over a sea of crystalline dark desire.

A captive dream. Surrounded by flashes of endless hope, this creation features silky smooth feathers and golden details.

A goddess, the armor of a warrior. Enlightened by the thunders, the fighter of infinite illusions gets ready to face her next battle with golden strength and determination from the voice of her heart.

Kate & Laura Mulleavy with Kirsten Dunst during the exclusive exhibition of Rodarte's special collection at Pitti Uomo 80 + Pitti W 8.
Kirsten Dunst, enthusiast of the show, wore Rodarte during the event and the cocktail offered by Pitti.

SOUNDTRACK. In the rooms of the exhibition, the sounds also played their part in the concept, featuring lyric-less, ethereal,abstract music evoking sparkling beauty. Another planet, the radio tunes a new frequence looking for intergalactic communication. Futuristic, metallic vibes.
A flash of mystery, a world reborn,romantic renaissance, a voyage of fantasy.
Below. In the video you can see the original music used for the show and the installation for the special collection by Rodarte in full motion.

The creations of Rodarte for this particular collection were inspired by the following works of art:

Fra Angelico's frescoes from San Marco's convent in Florence. 'The Annunciation'. Mary and the angel greet each other with devotion (dated 1438-1445)

Fra Angelico's 'Transfiguration' also located in a cell at San Marco's convent. A display of private devotion(dated 1439-1443)
Gian Lorenzo Bernini's ' The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa' in the Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome. Considered a sculptural masterpiece of the High Roman Baroque.
"I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron's point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. The pain was so great, that it made me moan..."
Teresa of Avila from her autobiography 'The Life of Teresa de Jesus'


Enjoying a drink and the music during the show; Kirsten Dunst & the Mulleavy sisters: Kate and Laura chilling out at the stairs located in the patio of the venue where the special exhibition took place. Some other guests joined them in the conversation.