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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Male Model Music Project arrives at Data Records 93/ Music store

The Male Model Music Project visited one of his favourite spots in Florence; Data Records 93
Address: Via dei Neri 15.
Data Records 93 is a small records store born in 1977 with the name of CONTEMPO Records.
Initially focused on the sale of rarities , New Wave, Rock and Heavy Metal, CONTEMPO became an independent label at the end of the 1980's, producing albums for various Rock, Post-Punk and Industrial Music artists in Italy and other countries in Europe.
Nowadays, Data Records 93 offers an impressive selection of vinyls, CD's and musical gems from various genres including jazz, synth pop, rock, hip hop and rarities from the 50's, 60's ,70's and 80's. The paradise for The Male Model Music Project!!

A random guy explores the items for sale at the front section of the store.

The walls are decorated with psycho posters, strange creatures, African masks, Vodou monsters and techno-hippie grace.

VHS Section!!!

The vinyl section is located in the back of the store. Here, you're allowed to browse the LP's organized by genre both alphabetically or chronologically. If you're interested in a specific title, you can check it out in the LP player available for the customers.Paying special attention in order not to damage the vinyls and the collector's items.

Decorated with colour, psychedelia, bubble gum, flowers, gas, spray and plastic.
The poster of 'Lo Spaccatutto' (The Smasher), martial arts film from the 1970's starring Bruce Lee. In America, I think the title for this film is 'Return Of The Tiger'.

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