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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner at 'Alle Murate'

After Rodarte's exhibition, The Male Model Music Project walked to its next appointment at 'Alle Murate' Restaurant in Via del Proconsolo, 16/r.
'Alle Murate' offers a menu inspired by the authentical Italian traditions and flavours, specially from 'Basilicata' (located in Lucania, a region covered with mountains, influenced by Greek, Arabic and Spanish culture and traditions). A mix between balance and simplicity, from the hand of Giovanna Iorio, the artist behind the cuisine of 'Alle Murate'.

'Alle Murate' is located in the Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries, an amazing museum featuring frescoes and archeological remains from the Roman times to the Renaissance.
One of the particularities of this building is that we can find the portaits of the greatest italian poets such as Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio.
An amazing evening, exquisite dinner, and the service was splendid. No doubt, The Male Model Music Project highly recommends the historical and culinary experience from 'Alle Murate'.
Special thanks to the staff of 'Alle Murate', everything was fantastic!
'Alle Murate' welcomes The Male Model Music Project with a glass of sparkling wine.

A view from the restaurant.

Before dinner, a nice courtesy from the chef: Cucumber mousse.

First Course: Spaghetti 'Benedetto Cavalieri' with mussels and Greek yogurt.

Main Course: Sea-bass roulade filled with bread, raisins and pine seeds.

A happy ending: Chocolate Cake with melon. Glorious!!

GREAT SERVICE!! The friendly and amazing staff from 'Alle Murate' pose for The Male Model Music Project in a poorly achieved picture due to the extreme lack of light conditions. The use of flash is not allowed in some sections of the restaurant since it damages the frescoes on the walls, originally painted in the 14th century.

A view from the stairs.

The distinguished customers of 'Alle Murate' enjoy their dinner at the first floor of the restaurant where we can find the frescoes painted on the walls and the ceiling. A member of the staff, pours the wine with discretion. No flash allowed in this section!!
Amazing experience in 'Alle Murate'.

After dinner, the staff insisted and invited The Male Model Music Project to go downstairs and visit the cellar of 'Alle Murate', a special dining room available for special events, featuring a selection of the finest wines from Italy and France.

In the cellar, we can find evidence from Roman civilization. Here, the remains of a former device used to dye fabric and textiles in the ancient times.

A press photo, so you can have an idea of the look of the frescoes in daylight.

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