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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Breakfast at G-Star/ Prouvé RAW & SS 012 Collection Preview

Words & photos by Ivan Guerrero

The G-Star Pavilion, a special stand for the 80th issue of Pitti Uomo.

The Male Model Music Project joined G-Star RAW for breakfast during their exclusive Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Preview at their special stand in Pitti Uomo 80.
For this ocassion, G-Star also presented it's new Prouvé RAW furniture collection, a selection of pieces designed by Parisian engineer Jean Prouvé in collaboration with Swiss furniture company Vitra.
Check out the full feature and the photos of the event at the G-Star Pavilion.
Special thanks to G-Star RAW for the invitation!

Inside the Pavilion. The key pieces from the upcoming SS 012 Collection.

Breakfast time!!!

Created in 1989, G-Star RAW is a denim oriented brand that also offers a balance of street-wear influences, textures and styles. A raw edginess and street-wear that emphasizes proportion, craftmanship and detailing. Their philosophy encourages the protection of the environment, using Organic Cotton for the fabrication of its products. Sustainability, quality, comfort and design are the basis. It is a fact that G-Star RAW supports innovation and the exploration of new materials and styles.

The hat collection.

The Male Model Music Project loved a neon orange shirt from the collection. Flaming, citric, mandarine flavoured, urban style.

A random guest checks out the collection upon his arrival to the pavillion.

Some guests arrive and sit down for a quick chat before breakfast.

As I mentioned before, a very special collection of pieces was also for exhibition.
Prouvé RAW, an exclusive furniture collection featuring the collaboration between Jean Prouvé, Vitra and G-Star RAW.
17 classic designs created by French modernist Jean Prouvé adding up new ideas from the innovative minds of G-Star and Swiss manufacturer Vitra. The result; a fresh reinterpreation of style, functionality, aesthetics and innovation.

Prouvé RAW's details and history. A display shows some sketches of Jean Prouvé's designs illustrating the technique and work of the artist, featuring models and photos.
Jean Prouvé was a French metal worker, designer and self-taught architect.
He is considered an important reference since he transferred manufacturing technology from industry to architecture, without sacrificing aesthetic qualities. A major figure in architectural design, industrial design, structural design and of course, furniture design.
Jean Prouvé (1901- 1984)

A member of the staff explains to one of the guests, the details of the collaboration between Jean Prouvé's designs, G-Star RAW and Vitra.

Meet G-No. A very special hand-crafted character created by G-Star RAW every season since 2007. A collector's item. Cute and Rhino-licious!!

Looking very handsome and distinguished, G-No also attended the breakfast reunion and collection preview. He enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and some fruit.
Buyers and members of the press arrive at the G-Star Pavilion.

Before leaving the pavilion, The Male Model Music Project received a very cool G-No's keychain, courtesy of G-Star RAW. Thank you very much!!

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