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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flashes from the past!!! Male Model Memories/ Song dedication

River Viiperi.

"Time passes by. New seasons arrive. Dreams go on.
Will your inner child ever let you go?
The memories of the past, a key to the future: keep what's good, learn from the bad, embrace the best."
Ivan Guerrero

Check out the new cards for the SS 2012 Show Package from Soul Artist Management NYC featuring an interesting approach of the models presenting a series of shots from their past.
I have also included a song dedication for my readers,'Oh Darling!' performed by John Stevens with Mighty Groove.

Simon Nessman.

Sebastian Sauve.

Arthur Sales.

Anthon Wellsjo.

Kenzie Roth.

Nate Gill.

Terron Wood.

Eian Scully.

Rich Stinger.

Zack Clark.

Max Rogers.

Chad White.

Paolo Roldan.

Travis Davenport.

Paul Roemer.

Matt Woodhouse.

Oraine Barrett.

Patrick Rukai.

Doug Pickett.

Lowell Tautchin.

Jae Yoo.

Matthew Coatsworth.

Antonio Vizcaino.

Matt Giesler.

Justin Hopwood.

Sean Harju.

Travis Hanson.

Ryan Koning.

Erik Sage.

Ben Stone.

Danny Beauchamp.

Caio Cesar.

Dmitriy Tanner.

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