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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Book Release: WET MEN/EAUX D'HOMMES by François Rousseau

François Rousseau's brand new book hits the collection of The Male Model Music Project. The cover stars are Brasilian models Caio César and Alexandre Cunha.

As I have previously mentioned (HERE), French photographer François Rousseau releases his new book entitled 'Wet Men' (alternative title 'Eaux d'hommes' for the French edition).
A new collection of exclusive images shot in various locations such as Southern France, Paris and Tahití, featuring an army of nude/ seminude men portraited around water.
A homage to the beauty of the male form seen through the photographer's particular point of view on concepts such as eroticism, fantasy and masculinity. Bathing suits, sun, beach, showers, gyms, spas, pools and an ocean of liquid elegance.
Order your copy, HERE.

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