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Friday, January 27, 2012

One day in Milan with The Male Model Music Project: Frankie Morello A/W 2012-13 and other musical matters

Story and photos by Ivan Guerrero
A blurry & conspicuous encounter. Sebastian Sauve meets and greets The Male Model Music Project after Frankie Morello's Show during Milan Men's Fashion Week A/W 2012-13.

More coverage and photos from The Male Model Music Project's trip to Milan for Men's Fashion Week.
After several difficulties in Milan's metro, The Male Model Music Project arrives just in time for his first appointment with Frankie Morello at La Pelota, located in Via Palermo 10.
Entrance of La Pelota.

Frankie Morello Meditation Tour describes a journey, a mystical voyage of a man in search of transformation.
A metamorphosis of materials and colours that also match an internal transformation of the man in search of new limits of consciousness and self-awareness. A new conception of himself and his inner world.
It is interesting the way Frankie Morello presents this approach of the clothes as a symbol of transformation leading us to a set of 3 necessary steps or stages that will finally result in lightness, purity and freedom.
Beginning with the urban man, the collection shows the path of the evolution from material to spiritual. A physical man who faces a need of change, a 'crisis' that will lead him to an internal battle in order to achieve physical detachment.

Who is the meditator and what is he meditating about?
Many questions blur his mind but still he is there. Ready to go on and with no intention to break the bridge.
The bridge of stamina and force that allowed him to stand where he is standing, to breathe what he is breathing, to work what he is working, to become what he is becoming.
A bad move and you could interrupt the concentration.Should I call it 'Self-induced madness' or 'creative internal state'?
Who knows the truth but what really matters is what he is doing, feeling, perceiving and yes, loving. Deeply and consciously loving. Ivan Guerrero. Milan, January 2012

Italian theatrical actor Giuseppe Sartori from the Ricci e Forte Company appears naked for the closing act of the show.

Check out the official video of the show and discover the full collection!!!

SOUNDTRACK.In charge of eclectic French artist Benjamin Dukhan (above) on his form of The Burger Girl, his musical project and self-proclaimed alter-ego.
Benjamin Dukhan has a background as a dancer and actor, has previously modelled for Jean Paul Gaultier and had many features in art/fashion publications. For more info on his various projects, visit his website,HERE.

From London. British model Patrick O'Donnell enjoys a smoke and gladly poses for The Male Model Music Project's lenses.
River Viiperi caught in the exit with a plastic bag under the gray skies of Milan.
Sebastian Sauve says hello and proceeds to bite The Male Model Music Project in a merciless way!!

Suddenly it's dark and it becomes necessary to get something to eat before going on with the schedule. (I guess this was an excuse to go and check out some books and music)
The choice is Corso Como 10 Café, where also a cool bookshop and art gallery is available to visit before or after the meal.

The music section of the shop features a selection of albums from various genres and artists.
The Corso Como 10 CD compilations (above) include from tango to cumbia, from classic to modern, from east to west, from love to hate, sounds that usually portray a concept of 'opposition' in every particular release curated and selected by Roberto Gatti.
Corso Como 10 celebrates its 20th anniversary as a space dedicated to art, design and fashion and for the ocassion has recently released a new music compilation already available in the store.

The book Jazz Life (above) photographed by William Claxton features a collection of images resulting from a collaboration between the photographer and german musicologist Joachim Berendt on their musical exploration trip in the USA during the 1960's. Including amazing photos and exclusive footage from both renowned and unknown artists in the jazz scene from the clubs to the streets, Jazz Life is a limited edition item that needs to be in every jazz aficionado's collection.

SUBLIME by Michael Nyman is a very special book release that features a total of 1,946 photographs around the world shot by the composer himself starting in 2003, creating a 'musical diary of images' matched with a CD that includes unreleased music from the artist and a numbered piano key.
THE VIVALDI EDITION OPERAS #01 presents a remastered compilation of 9 operas by Antonio Vivaldi ( born in Venice, 1678-1741) and a lost piece 'Farnace' all packed in a very nice black box set including an art book that documents the music and a bonus DVD with two features that also chronicle the artist's work.(Total:27CD's +1DVD)
According to many sources, it has been estimated that Vivaldi wrote over 90 operas but only 50 have been identified and only 20 have survived.

Another collector's item: The Oliver Nelson / The Argo, Verve and Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions
Oliver Nelson is considered one of the most important Big Band Composers of the 1960's. This exclusive set includes music from various sessions he wrote and composed. Featuring special guests/musicians and arrangements in 90 tracks from 1962-1967.

Goat cheese arugula salad + Orange/Grapefruit spremuta.
After the meal, the next stop is Roberto Cavalli's Men's Fashion Show.
You can check out my full article and photos of the event, HERE.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Male Model Music Project's Night of Blues in Milan!! Roberto Cavalli F/W 2012-13

Story and photos by Ivan Guerrero

The Male Model Music Project attended Roberto Cavalli's Fashion Show held at Teulié Military School,during Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2012-13.
'A modern fairy tale, a story of a fantastic man who is inspired by the past of his father', Roberto Cavalli states on this collection, featuring aswell the animal element;'the graphics of nature', a distinctive leitmotiv of the brand.
Synesthesia, sophistication, unique wildness, sparkling irony, the story goes on with Cavalli, a relentless alchemist that turns dreams into reality.
Check out some of my photos of the collection and the rest of the story of this evening.

Special thanks to Roberto Cavalli and all of his staff in Milan. Welcome to the project!!!
All images here featured are © The Male Model Music Project and are not allowed for use without permission.
SOUNDTRACK. The choice for the evening was Benjamin Darvill, best known as Son of Dave, Canadian song-writer and musician currently based in the UK.
During and after the runway, showcasing his skills with the harmonica and foot stomping; Son of Dave performed a selection of folk-bluesy tunes that invoked the atmosphere of New Orleans, sounds that completed the power of the collection. Sounds of revelry, energy, improvisation,beat boxing, the voice of men, music of the soul. All of these qualities, behind a huge white screen with strong lights in order to create a shadow effect of the performer in the background of the scene.
The dreamer seduces and inspired by the past, works his present, looking forward to hit the future whenever it catches him. Full of surprises and NOT afraid of what's to come.
Bringing eyes to his features and paying us back with inspiration and an undeniable light of strength,the dreamer seduces but above all things he does his thing; he dreams.Ivan Guerrero. Milan, January 2012

Roberto Cavalli, his wife Eva and son Daniele, who was the main supporter for this collection.

Son of Dave, caught behind the big white screen by The Male Model Music Project during his performance at Roberto Cavalli's show.

A few shots from a quick rehearsal before the show!

The cadets Teulié welcome the guests at the entrance of the Military School.

Ready for the show!!!!