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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gold Bunny at White Milano AW 2012/13

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero
One of the projects for this edition of White was the presentation of Gold Bunny, a new limited edition capsule collection of jackets from Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, textile manifacturing company for clothings made of wool, established in 1881. The exhibition featured a few Baleri Cerruti creations (furnishing brand founded by Nino Cerruti), the sequence of machines, fabrics, yarns and production phases that result in the creation of the products. Also featured some pieces by cartoonist Massimiliano Frezzato, whose work inspired the collection and the Gold Bunny jacket interiors.

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti has done several research in order to be obtain every single colour tone for its yarns and textiles. Today, the company is able to reproduce almost any tone with the realization of 8,000 new colours every year.

Resistance is a very important quality. It is monitored by a laboratory that supervises the spinning process in order to ensure best performance of the yarns.

The collection of cashmere jackets from Lanificio F.lli Cerruti and Gold Bunny.

The furnishing creations from Baleri Cerruti.

The illustrations by Massimiliano Frezzato.

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