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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Area, New Beat (S) at Pitti Uomo 81 Selection

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero

The New Beat (S) section of Pitti Uomo moves to a new location for this edition and presents emerging designers from Japan, Denmark, Sweden,etc. Featured brands include Fagassent, House of Montague, Koike, Baruc Corazon, Rossoforte, Snoot, Smith-Wykes and a bunch more. All of them meet international audience for the first time.

UK designer Rory Wykes(above)and Michaell Smith (originally from New York but currently living in Paris) team up to give birth to Smith-Wykes. With a philosophy of independence and generosity, Smith-Wykes creators appreciate music and character. Definitely, a new brand to keep an eye on.

Fagassent was founded in 2010 by Toshiki Aoki, his creations mix the classical atmosphere of East London and 'metallic mysteries' of Okayama, Japan.

Faithful to the 'mystery' philosophy of his brand, Toshiki Aoki hides his face from The Male Model Music Project's lens, only agreeing to show his collection in total anonymity.

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