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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pitti Uomo 81/ Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero

Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy presents a new project entitled Versus Tokyo, a special event held at Pitti Uomo 81 under the direction of Yuichi Yoshii (fashion curator and founder of the multi-brand concept shop 'The Contemporary Fix').
20 japanese brands were specially chosen by Yuichi himself to participate in this project with the purpose of introducing japanese creators to a wider audience. Special updated items were also on exhibition during the fair.

blackmeans. designed by Yujiro Komatsu, Masatomo Ariga & Takatomo 'ANI' Ariga.

FACETASM. designed by Hiromichi Ochiai.

Hiromichi Ochiai from FACETASM.

Two assistants from the Versus Tokyo section pose for The Male Model Music Project.
Black & Blue. designed by Masahito Fukuhara.
DISCOVERED. designed by Tatsuya Kimura & Sanae Yoshida.

HABANOS. designed by Akio Mitobe.

FLAPH. designed by Teruki Tatsuki.
soe. designed by Soichiro Ito.
VAINL ARCHIVE. designed by Ookita Kouhei.

PHENOMENON. designed by Takeshi Osumi.
AMBUSH. designed by VERBAL & YOON.

Terrem. designed by Takashi Suki.

NuGgETS. designed by Ryuhei Koboshi.
STEAM AND THREAD. designed by Yoshihiro Nakane.

mastermind JAPAN. designed by Masaaki Homma.

T9G. designed by TAKUJI.

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