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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Male Model Music Project's Corps de ballet!!! Rehearsal with the boys of The Russian State Ballet

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero
ON THE STAGE Again!!! Getting ready for tonights show, The Male Model Music Project joined the young male dancers of the Corps de ballet from The Russian State Ballet Mari El during their most recent visit in Mexico for their 2012 Tour.
The rehearsal took place 2 hours before the performance which was 'Romeo & Juliet' under the direction of Konstantin Ivanov Anatolievich, also the headmaster of this dance company.
Special thanks to Artem, Roman, Sergei and of course, Mr. Konstantin Ivanov for allowing me to attend their practice session in the theater. Welcome to the project!!

Artem is inspired.

Now it's Roman's turn!

R.Starikov shows off some moves!

Director Konstantin Ivanov supervises the rehearsal and gives the young dancers some pointers for tonights performance.

Dmitri stretches and gets ready to hit the stage in 20 minutes!!!

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