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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Album Release & The Male Model Music Project's Recommendation: Sally Shapiro/ Somewhere Else

Brand new album from Sally Shapiro, 'Somewhere Else' just out now!!!
Swedish producer and musician Johan Agebjörn teams up once more with vocalist Sally Shapiro delivering a new collection of electro-sweet-synthpop and 80's feel-infused tracks featuring a bunch of brand new collaborations with artists of the scene including Electric Youth ( from the Drive soundtrack), Anoraak and Le Prix.

Since I discovered their debut album 'Disco Romance' at a local CD store some years ago (2007), one of the things I loved the most about this duo is the particular romanticism and personal imprint they put into electronic sounds, resulting in a classy, smooth and spatial experience that definitely has nothing to do with most of the mainstream electronic music artists around.
The first cut of 'Somewhere Else' was 'What Can I do' followed up by their most recent single in collaboration with Electric Youth: 'Starman' released earlier this month along with a video directed in Berlin by Edwin Brienen ( available to watch at the end of this post).
Preview one of my favorite tracks, 'Sundown' of course included in the release.
Make sure you order the album from Paper BagHERE.
For further reference on Johan Agebjörn and his music you can browse back my interview with him on his previous album 'Casablanca Nights' ( released aside from his usual collaboration/ production work with the Sally Shapiro project), HERE.

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