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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Male Model Music Project's Womenswear Selection/ ES'GIVIEN

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero 
 Models show off the Es'givien Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection on display.
Es'givien was born in Verona, Italy by the idea of 3 sisters: Gaia, Nives and Vivilla.
Coming from different disciplines, from psychology to marketing, the sisters state the philosophy of their label which pays attention to detail an intend to send a message behind every garment. A line of hidden words within the clothes or secret message that can be reached by the one who is wearing it.( to start with, we have their brand's name; Es'givien: ES stands for the Essence, GI for Gaia, VI for Vivilla and EN for Nives). 
For the Fall/ Winter 2013-14 Season, Es'givien presents a collection inspired by the 4 elements: Fire, Soil, Air & Water, as a representation of the roots of everything and the continuous process of transformation and evolution.
Featuring natural yarns, laser cuts and both techno and eco fabrics, the high quality of the tailoring of the brand showcases a selection of maxi tops, mini jackets, minidresses and  many more sexy and refined garments.
One of Es'givien pieces next to a photograph on display from the lookbook shot at Palazzo Borghese in Florence, featuring the Fall/ Winter 2013-14 Collection.
Courtesy packs in tune with the collection's inspiration; the 4 elements: Fire, Soil, Air & Water.

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