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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Male Model Music Project's Album Recommendation: Club 8 / Above the City

Swedish duo Club 8's new album, 'Above the City'.
For those who are not very familiar with this band, Club 8 consists of Karolina Komstedt (vocals) and Johan Angergård (song-writer and producer), formed in 1995 and active ever since in the Scandinavian indie pop scene (already 7 albums).
'Above the City' is their first material since their 2010's critically acclaimed album 'The People's Record' and according to Johan Angergård ( who produces it), it was created in a more 'hands on', in artificial kind of way. The album features the use of Russian field recordings, children's choirs ( check out 'Less Than Love'), samples from erotic movies, odd building materials, drums and sounds recorded in basements.
The first cut of the album (and first written song for the production) is 'Kill, Kill, Kill', which explores a new and more dramatic/ obscure facet of the band (both musically and visually, check out the video of the song), that differs from the happy and cheerful vibes from their previous albums and music videos.
The 2nd single so far, ' Stop Taking  My Time' is brighter, dancier and goes back to their basic pop principles.
Club 8 is experiment, great taste, quality... definitely one of the few acts that revindicate pop music in the last years.
The Male Model Music Project recommends ' Less Than Love', 'You Could be Anybody' and 'Straight As An Arrow' included in this album.
'Above the City' is to be released on Labrador Records on May 21. Order it HERE and HERE.
Karolina Komstedt & Johan Angergård

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