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Monday, October 14, 2013

Musician's Heart: Conversation with Sam Way

Words & interview by Ivan Guerrero
The Male Model Project is proud to bring you his conversation with British model Sam Way (@ Models 1) on the recent release of his very first single 'Dancing Shoes'. For the occasion, he also shared his thoughts focusing on his career as musician/ songwriter, his inspiration and the role of music in his life, of course.

What's the role that music has played and plays in your life, that somehow led you to start this music/ writer facet? How did you make up your mind?
Sam: It's funny how life turns out, how you can never really know what the future holds. The first song I ever wrote was with my cousin, we were both 10 years old, sat on some swings in a misty play park, and we came up with this song called 'Recharge', It's recorded somewhere on some grainy tape, I'll have to find it, the lyrics were so funny. At that moment I never thought things would have come this far, what with the first single 'Dancing Shoes' now being out on iTunes, but it's true we never know where life will take us. Music, writing, and performing have somehow just fallen into place, over the last two years I've worked on my craft, met the right people and now here I am at the age of 25... a Musician. 
How it's been the experience as a musician so far? How's the experience performing live? What's on your mind when performing?
Sam: The journey music will take you on is never ending, as you grow and change so too will your style. The more you give to the music, the more you get back. There is nothing else like performing live and sharing yourself with the audience, it can be stressful granted, the nerves have got the better of me once or twice, but the show must go on, and it's good to explore your edges, to step outside your comfort zone, we can only get better, we can only learn lessons. 

I get a genuine rush from performing. I think my songs are ME, maybe that sounds strange, but when I play I know some part of my soul is being sung out to the world. By the end of my set I'd hope a listener would think they kinda knew me.
How's the songwriting process? How do you work on a song? 
Sam: Inspiration is everywhere, especially in London. Working with others and collaborating is also amazing for getting the creative juices flowing.  It all starts with an idea. For me, it starts with a question. "What do I actually want to say?"

Any sounds or artists that have moved you or inspired you?
Sam: I have fallen in love with Ludovico Einuadi recently, he's incredible, the way his songs are crafted...uhhh....they move me beyond words. I've had many musical phases, moved through Rap, to Drum and Bass to Dubstep but now through my ear is attracted by the unconventional, by the songs that tell stories. 
Tell us about 'Dancing Shoes', what it is about?  How does it feel to release your first single?  
Sam: 'Dancing Shoes' is all about having a massive laugh on the dance floor, busting stupid moves and generally just letting yourself go. This song has such a wonderful energy and I'm so proud of it. We shot the music video recently and I cant wait to see it. It kinda feels crazy to have the single released, but at the same time, it kinda feels right.
There is another track included in this release, 'King's Ransom', tell us about it.
Sam: 'King's Ransom' is the song that everyone comments on when I play live,  Its about fear, belief and how we deal with the great unknowns that effect us all.  Listen to the lyrics, see if you resonate with them...

' Travel. The great educator...'  What has travel taught you?
Sam: Every year I disappear, take myself away from London, from home, from normality, and go on a journey. Travel is the most incredible educator. Its taught me so much, opened me up, shown me new paradigms to see through, inspired new thoughts and feelings....It has also taught me that scorpions should never be eaten, not even for the experience. 

What's in store for Sam Way? What would you like to do in the future? Any plans, projects, future gigs, collaborations?
Sam: Well, I guess we go back to start. Its funny how life turns out, how you can never really know what the future holds. All we can do is grow organically, surround ourselves with goodness and let time play out. I'm always making plans, collaborating and writing. I'm currently finishing up writing a song I started in Mongolia, and have also this week gone back to Drama School. Keep linked into my twitter @iamsamway and my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/iamsamway for all news and events.

Share a dream.
Sam: Last night I dreamt I had these really tiny fingernails and I had to go and see the doctor because I was freaking out.  

What's your message or piece of advice for artists, creatives and people in general ( older, younger,whatever)  What would you tell them?
Sam: Keep on exploring, and if your aiming for the stars, make sure your roots are planted deep. 
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'Dancing Shoes' is out now on iTunes, HERE.
Special thanks to Sam Way. Welcome to The Male Model Music Project!!!
In the meantime, awaiting the release of 'Dancing Shoes' video, make sure to check out a clip of Sam performing live one of his songs 'Still'.

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