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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Upcoming Album Release: Late Night Tales/ Bonobo

British musician, producer and DJ, Simon Green aka Bonobo is the next compilator for the Late Night Tales series, which hits its 33rd edition with a brand new line-up of tracks that somehow describe the inspiration and sound directions of Bonobo's work through the years.
On a statement to Late Night Tales series, Simon Green said: "The way I approached this mix was very different to how I would normally do a mix. I wasn’t thinking of it as a DJ mix so much as a selection. I’ve been familiar with the series for a long time, and I was conscious of that, but I really wanted to put together a curated selection. The criteria for choosing the songs was really music I’ve been playing at my house over the past 15-20 years. So there’s a wide variety of stuff on here, from neo-classical to breaky things. The classical stuff, in particular, I’m obsessed with and I’d quite like to have a go at something like that myself, but here I’ve included Matthew Bourne, Bill Evans and Dustin O’Halloran."

The sound selection features Matthew Bourne's 'Juliet', Dustin O'Hallorans 'An Ending A Beginning', Menehan Street Band's 'The Traitor', Darondo's (recently deceased) 'Didn't I', Nina Simone's 'Baltimore', a special cover of Donovan's 'Get Thy Bearings', performed by Bonobo, between other musical curiosities included in this exclusive set.
Late Night Tales: Bonobo is set for release on Nov, 17 and it will be available on CD, digital and vinyl!!! Order HERE.

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