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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Male Model Music Project's Backstage Inspection Series: Skingraft SS 2014 (2013 EXTRA PICS EDITION)

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero
LA-based designer Johnny Cota's label Skingraft made its debut in New York Fashion Week for the Spring/Summer 2014 Season so it was a great opportunity to sneak backstage to get to know more of his brand in full action before the show.
Skingraft pays attention to leather, and despite the challenges that this material represents for a spring collection, they definitely create a world of their own succesfully. Hard and soft at the same time, Skingraft draws inspiration from exoskeletons and Papua New Guinea's tribal warpaints reinterpreting sportswear pieces with armor structured garments and dresses. A monochromatic palette with a few flashes of colour (blue and mustard yellow, for example) that works amazing. Daring, strong, but most of all, artistic.
As a photographer, I can say this was a cinematographic evening. You dont' get to see everyday, a lineup of great models becoming warriors in a Skingraft way, which was quite different than my other experiences in the past. It's a yes for Skingraft. Enjoy the pics.

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