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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photographic Review of The Male Model Music Project in Italy Part 6 - Spring/Summer 2015 Edition/ Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever 9th Edition BLUCITY Party

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero

Already the 9th edition of Luisa Via Roma's biannual event/ project Firenze4Ever that celebrates fashion, music and new media. For 3 days the multibrand luxury shop gathered once more a group of bloggers who were in charge to create special looks using garments of the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014 season in exclusive to be used and featured in/ for the traditional Fashion Lab photo shoots around Florence. 
The closing party took place at the ex-Manifattura Tabacchi (former tobacco factory) that was re-opened exclusively for the occasion. Blue lighting and blue everything (almost) in coordination with the theme  BLUCITY, which celebrated a special project that intends to turn this antique venue into a restyled location where fashion and art events/ workshops can be held in the near future.
Fashion blogger and influencer Eleonora Carisi (from Jou Jou Villeroy) with Peruvian fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco at the party.

A nice couple who asked me to take their picture. If you ID them make sure to let them know they are here.
Dancers and perfomers, part of the show.

Later on, the special performance of Cris Cab.

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