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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photographic Review of The Male Model Music Project in Italy Part 6 - Spring/Summer 2015 Edition/ 'Vezzoli Primavera-Estate' Exhibition

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero Richard Gere in La Nascita di American Gigoló - The Birth of American Gigoló (After Sandro Boticelli), 2014.

The special exhibition of Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli entitled 'Vezzoli Primavera-Estate' held in 3 "secret" locations of Florence: Museo Stefano Bardini, Museo di Casa Martelli and Museo Bellini.
Curated by Francesco Bonami and conceived by Pitti Immagine and the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana for its 60th anniversary celebration, 'Vezzoli Primavera-Estate' featured a selection of Vezzoli's works juxtaposed with the historical pieces of the 3 museums in a some sort of 'Where's Waldo?' tour showcasing a playful dialogue between classic art and contemporary figures in the artist's irreverent style.
Neo-Rococo Portrait of Nicki Minaj as Madame Barbe de Rimsky-Korsakov, 2011.
Rococo portrait of Nicki Minaj as Jeanne Bécu Comtesse du Barry, 2011.

Minima Idea (Muso dell'Antichitá), 2014.
Roman Marble Satyr (circa I-II AD), bronze head.
Self-Portrait as a Self-Portrait (After Raffaello Sanzio), 2013.
LED light box.
Portrait of My Mother as Princess Albert de Broglie, Nee Josephine-Eleonore-Marie-Pauline De Galard De Brassac De Bearn (After Ingres), 2012.

Unexpected show outside the exhibition: Identified as a painter/artist, Vaclav Pisvejc offered a performance in which he posed nude covered with fake US dollars, holding an abstracted portrait of Francesco Vezzoli. Pisvejc caught the attention of the guests and according to his words, this performance was a protest against excess and capitalism. 

Self-portrait as Apollo del Belvedere's Lover, 2011.
Marble bust (XIX century AD), Prada Collection, Milan.
Crying Portrait of Stephanie Seymour as a Renaissance Madonna With Holy Child (After Benozzo Gozzoli), 2010. Prada Collection, Milan.
Portrait of Paulina Porizkova as a Renaissance Madonna With Holy Child Crying Salvador Dali's Jewels (After Lorenzo Lotto), 2011.

Tua (Portrait of Dolly Parton After Palma il Vecchio and Ambrosius Bosschaert), 2010.
Self-Portrait as Pope Innocent X (After Diego Velázquez), 2013.
Gala as Sylvia in 'La Dolce Vita', 2008.
Prada Collection, Milan.

Lady Gaga in 'Le Gant d'Amour' (After de Chirico & Jean Genet), 2010. Prada Collection, Milan.
Portrait of Sophia Loren starring in 'Presente e Passato' (After de Chirico), 2012.
Portrait of Sergei Diaghilev as the Poetical Dreamer (After de Chirico), 2010.
Prada Collection, Milan.
Elizabeth & Liberty Ford, 2007.

Marina Abramović in 'A Present for the Artist', 2013.
Flemish Tapestry (circa 1680) + Inkjet print on canvas with metallic embroidery.
Selfie Sebastian (Self-portrait as St. Sebastian by Andrea Mantegna), 2009-2014.

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