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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Erotic Flavours of the City! The Male Model Music Project visits Passion Fest 2014 in Mexico

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero
Some of my photographs from my visit to Passion Fest 2014 exhibition held from October 2nd to 4th in Mexico City.
Created and organized by director Alejandra Alcántara, Passion Fest is a new project/initiative never before seen in Mexico City that features a full set of erotic and sexuality-related product exhibitors gathered in one venue in town. According to its director, the main goal of this project is to approach to human sexuality in various channels that go from the physical-functional and ludic to the psychological-artistic and spiritual aspects of sex, through workshops, conferences and special performances presented in addition to the exhibition. It is important to mention that this kind of events are not common in a country where we could say sex is still a taboo for a considerable number of its population which has culturally inherited strong preconceived ideas and procedures when it comes to sex-related matters. Alcántara steps forward and intends to change that.
"Cristotem" created by Balastudio from Mexican Industrial Designer Andrés Amaya.
"Felatio" by Andrés Amaya.
"Pinocho Rojo" (Red Pinocchio) by Andrés Amaya.

Playboy Girls.

Erotic Pop Cakes created by Bertha Fonseca.
A bunny.
"La Lagartona de tu Amiga" by Andrés Amaya.

CrisCras chocolates.

Exotantric products.


Gabo said...

Es Mafer la chica del Programa El Almohadazo la que esta con el traje de monja ? O_o

Ivan Guerrero said...

Hola Gabo,
No lo sé. No la conozco, pudiera ser...