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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walkabout Pitti Uomo 87!

Walkabout Pitti will be the layout theme for the January 2015 Pitti Immagine's fairs and according to its organizers, it will explore the infinite and always popular dimension of traveling on foot, whether if it's  in company for pleasure or alone for instrospection.
Walking as a symbol of lifestyle will hit the grounds of the official venue of Pitti's tradeshows, the Fortezza Basso, with a set to be designed by architect Oliviero Baldini,who will present a new conceptual layout featuring maps, pavilions and stages "strictly on foot".
Pitti Uomo 87 and its concomitant womenswear edition Pitti W 15 run from January 13 to 16, 2015, so cross fingers and pray your Gods I am rich and strong enough to afford to travel 1273 miles to Florence, Italy.
In case you missed it (and I hope you did not) you can find my coverage lineup and photography at Pitti Uomo previous edition held this summer, HERE.

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