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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

IED + SAVE THE DUCK - Special Project at Pitti Uomo 89

Story & photos by Ivan Guerrero

'TECNONATURA' by Alessandra Favalli & Sara Banterle.

During my visit in Florence for Pitti Uomo 89, in addition to the special events and various activities, I was introduced to Alessandro Colombo, Director of the IED (European Institute of Design) Florence campus,  who gladly showed me around the headquarters and  presented their latest collaboration with Italian apparel company Save The Duck, featuring 10 jackets reworked by the IED students from the other Italian campuses (IED Milano, IED Firenze, IED Roma and IED Torino, IED Como)
An enhanced revisitation of the label's pieces using innovative materials, drawing inspiration from ecology and recycling-inspired themes completed by an exhibition curated by Giovanni Ottonello, taking place both at the IED Florence and Pitti Uomo 89 afterwards with the selection of the 5 best jackets awarded by Nicolas Bargi, CEO of Save The Duck.
This initiative marks an emerging cooperative effort between a Top Institute in Italy of such highly professional formation level like IED and Pitti Immagine in their commitment of supporting innovation, research and multidisciplinary fertilisation in the fields of Fashion, Design, Visual Arts and Communication, common areas with focused interest in promoting new and upcoming talents.
Special thanks to IED and Pitti Immagine for facilitating this visit and coverage.
'BACK TO NATURE' by Francesca Rea.
'LA NATURA DELLE COSE' by Denise Tatiana D'Orazio & Giona Fabbro.
'ALBERO CORPO' by Christina Zeng.

'OCEAN' by Berretta Augusto, Bianchi Suarez Analia Jose, Bonventre Eleonora, Broglio Linda, Castellani Andrea, Ciurnella Margherita, Esposito Azzurra, Gabrielli Martina & Hasanova Guray.
'NATURE HERO' by Ester Boldrini, Irene Bardini & Elena Bignardi.
'ECO-PHILOSOPHY' by 2nd year students of Fashion Design IED Roma.
'ECO SPLAY' by Manuela Muñoz Pineda, Veronica Albera & Hae Jae Hun.

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