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Friday, May 4, 2018

Buddha-Bar XX by Ravin & Sam Popat

The annual delivery from the Buddha-Bar franchise hitting 20 volumes this year, with a new episode of sounds right after their 2017’s Volume (Montecarlo) which already presented a new front cover design and concept which apparently did not appeal to many fans around the world.
Historic resident DJ’s from Buddha-Bar Paris: Ravin & Sam Popat are in charge of this new instalment following their traditional exploration of world sounds: Ravin taking care of the chillout section while Sam Pompat handles the mix of electro and traditional instruments dance floor mood.
After 20 volumes, should Buddha-Bar compilations have anything else to offer?
We are about to find out.
Buddha Bar XX 'Love is Love' is out on June 1, 2018 in both physical and digital formats.(Release dates and stocks in countries outside Europe may vary.)


CD1 - by Ravin
1. Danit - Naturaleza (Mose Edit)
2. Tim Schaufert - Falling
3. Steen Thottrup feat. Lunamila - Something to Say 
4. Lenkkodek - Raise a Cup of Kindness (Weightless Dub Mix)
5. Florzinho feat. Amroota Natu - We Are One Florzinho
6. Sigh - Geisha Blues
7. Coldcut / On-U Sound feat. Hamsika Iyer - Kajra Mohobbat Wala
8. Discoshaman / Lemurian feat. Alvaro Suarez - All We Want Is to Smile
9. Oliver Koletzki - A Trbie Called Kotori
10. Cairo Steps - Desert Road (Wahba's Moonlight Remix)
11. Christian Löffler - Mare (Robot Koch Remix)
12. Al-Pha X - Dreaming 
13. Rasi Z - Cheshmhaye To
14. Rodriguez Jr. feat. Liset Alea - Waste Tomorrow
15. Tebra - Suton 
16. Lena Kaufman - Crazy Day (Thor Krasnyi Morning Rain)

CD2 - by Sam Popat
1. Tebra - Istok
2. Rasi Z - Zamin
3. Valeron - Oasis (Ali Farahani Remix)
4. Fulltone - Samai (Armen Miran Remix)
5. Zone+ / Bachir Salloum - Odin
6. Jaaneman - Dadouk
7. Elfenberg - Gilgamesh (Timboletti Remix)
8. Andre Rizo - Horizont
9. The Soul Brothers - Jabir
10. Timujin - Yamar
11. Sam Popat/ Alex Scheffer - Circle Spin
12. Alexander Ben - Bedouin (Rework)
13. Kamilo Sanclemente - Azure
14. Moonwalk - Fatima
15. Anii - Cyganka

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